INTEJ Group is considered as one of the top organizations promoting tourism for young people around the world, with more than 30 years, it’s a country leader in Peruvian Tourism. Intej also has been recognized by many prestigious international institutions and its various products and programs are supported by UNESCO, CAN – Comunidad Andina de Naciones and (WTO) – World Tourism Organization, one of them is the International Student Identity Card – ISIC (Licensed Authority) who provides many opportunities to travel for young people and students over the world.

At this time INTEJ Group has the pleasure  to introduce ENJOY PERU NOW our Division of Travel and Tourism which has been designed not only to offer authentic travel experiences in Peru for young people who loves travelling but also to provide the best of our country because we are conscious that PERÚ is an amazing country, for culture, dramatic landscapes, variety, colors, handicrafts, gastronomy and people with one of the world’s oldest cultures. Its history covers the Inca and Spanish Empires, and the country’s political independence, Peru’s history and its people are as diverse and welcoming as its breathtaking geography. Their traditional costums, means an important part of Peruvian culture as they mark the differences between regional areas and how influences melted over time. Whether you love archaeology and exploring the ruins of lost civilizations, visiting Machu Picchu, or learning about different cultures in our country, or discovering unique ecosystems like the Amazon rainforest, all of them and more you could find here in Peru.

Our vision is to promote the tourism in Perua nd create a scenery of great experiences, offering high standard services at all our destinations. We think different because our young work team is training to be extremely helpful and charismatic, focus on understanding every particular traveler’s interest, also our experience, knowledge and specially our personalized service because our passion is to bring services with quality and professionalism not only for individuals but also couples, families and groups.

You are invited to discover Peru through us and let’s make your dreams true,